Friday, October 29, 2010

got a new obsession

I love it.

I have too many.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

results of the bear incident

I was in Brooklyn when the incident happened. This may have been a good thing for all involved. We have a thriving hive that got knocked down by a bear one night, in spite of the electric fence. B scared off the bear and harvested a frame when he put the stacks back right. You notice how dry that previous sentence is. You may also notice that I'm not saying anything about the epi pen. But everyone was okay, (bear pride excluded) in the end. And we got some lovely honey.
In the picture on the left you can see our lovely rooster. He's a nice guy! And was pretty curious to see if the honey was a snack for him. 
he's such a looker.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the footer

It begins.
B poured the footer yesterday. I alas was here working on departmint. Forms for the walls are next! I've never been so excited about concrete in my entire life. But wait, that's not quite true. There was one other time......
When I was in kindergarten we lived close enough to our school to walk. I was very proud when I was finally allowed to walk 'by myself'  My older sister (by two years) was supposed to walk home with me, but we got into some kind of kurfuffle. Reason long unremembered.  I ran on ahead, right into a newly poured sidewalk. I swear the concrete went right up to my knee.
When confronted by the super scary guy in the helmet I pulled my foot out, sans shoe and ran (wee wee wee) all the way home. The one thing I clearly remember, besides what it's like to run home with a sock full of wet cement, was my true and terrible fear about how angry my mom would be when she found out about my sock. Go figure.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sukkot and blue lanyards for peace

GATHERING by Dale Suttle, So Sugita, & Ginna Nguyen
A few weeks ago, I left my place of employment and meandered through Union Square.
There I happened upon a crazy and wonderful scene. At first I thought is was an art exhibit, but dear reader, I was wrong. I forgot it was Sukkot. Yes, it's true. I forgot. It was an exhibition of winning sukkah re-designs.
It was very cool.
As dusk arrived however, things got a little strange. After I got some distinctly non holiday food, I stood across the street from the park and waited for the M14A (or as I like to call it 'the forever worm'). A diverse group of people were trying to get everyone to 'connect for peace for just five minutes' with these bright blue kind of bungee cord things. There were clips involved. I distinctly remember seeing clips. They had microphones. There was world music.
I did not feel up to connecting, in fact no one walking by was really into having a consciousness raising experience with blue clippy things except the schizophrenic (my term, not his) in the rainbow afro wig. But even he got bored and wandered off. So I'm watching and waiting, waiting and watching until I realize I've been waiting over 20 minutes for my bus.
I think to myself, I could have connected for peace four times in a row by now.
Then I think to myself, hey I'm waiting for the bus for peace! I'm holding my bag so no one gets my wallet for peace! I'm going home for peace.
That last one, was definitely true.