Saturday, September 27, 2008

what I should be doing

I'm in that special sort of hell reserved for people who don't update their artist's resume's in a timely fashion. All I can say is holy crap. Having said that, I'm pleased to announce I'm in a 3 person show thats opening tonight and I'm doing my due-dill by actually communicating it.

Skinning is a time-specific art exhibition which intends to provide a cathartic calming space within Long Island City. The title refers to the I Ching hexagram of approaching change and revolution, as well as the current still point of the approaching Presidential election and swelling economic, social, and environmental pressures.

Symbolically, Skinning is a shapeshifter -- a bird shedding its feathers -- a ruler can be overcome.

Molt and revolt.

Windows Gallery will be available for you to take time out to relax and meditate upon the liminal state created by the following artists:

Ryan Coleman's paintings blur the line between literal representation and abstraction, flatness and depth, and cerebral and sensual gesture, while exploring subjects and themes which deal with the human condition and experience.

Betsy Heistand's intimate and colorful paintings play with the picture plane, inhabited by fanciful, lamenting biomorphic creatures.

Natalia Pikula's installations incorporate various 2D mediums to build structures. Her prints stride through landscapes and abstractions, as well as danger and liberation.

Dream upon Michael Mahalchick's Silver Pillows: Meditation center meets the Factory.

Curated by Alison Beth Levy

Join us at the Exhibition Opening on Saturday, September 27th 7-10pm

Windows Gallery is located at 13-03a Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, close to PS1 and the Pulaski Bridge on Jackson Ave.
Subway: G to 21st; EV to LIC/Court Square; 7 to 45 road

Skinning will be open Saturdays and Sundays 12-6pm through Sunday, October 19th, or by appointment.
For more information, directions, and to make an appointment please call 914.772.3974 or email

Heads up. I will be 'back blogging' soon. I've been traveling and unraveling a bit too much to blog. Sometimes betsy needs to process. So I'll be talking about Chicago more at a later date. And I'll be talking about All Tomorrows Parties which I attended, and can even remember some of it. Even the bear suit.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

not according to plan

well, I'm too tired to take my shoes off. I've decided to drink a beer instead of a glass of water and I'm listening to Bon Iver way way too much.
Why the long face? Why the no talky? I haven't had so much good to say. I became a single person again after 7 years. He's gone off somewhere, to the land dudes go to figure shit out, I guess. I'm working on getting to the land where ladies go to get shit done.

I'm renaming The Chicago Renegade as 'the endurance craft fair of choice'. I'm lucky the Chicagians are super troopers. 48 hours of rainy rain rain. And they were there! These amazing people....Thank you Chicago but seriously, you need to put a dome over your city. Please.

I've just interviewed 5 people to be my possible roomate. Betsy tired.
But I'm in a show! Just to add to the mix of complete mania, chaos and pathos.
I'm very excited to announce that I will be in a show with two other fab artists in Long Island City. The opening will be the 27th. More to come. yep.
Maybe it's time to take my shoes off now....
I promise to write more if you promise to buy me socks.