Sunday, November 30, 2008

recipe for betsy's mania soup

This soup is best prepared when you are doing laundry in the rain, also when you are preparing for a major event, oh lets say the 3rd ward holiday craft fair next sunday.
to make this soup you will need-

2 onions
oh, about a butt-load of garlic
your room-mate's carrots (you can ask her later)
2 turkey drumsticks, and/or some kind of leftover poultry item that is slowly drying out in your fridge
1 cup of rice (brown)
1 lemon
fresh herbs such as, savory, thyme, rosemary etc.
one vegan cube of bullion because it's been in the cupboard forever and it's lonely in it's little cardboard box.
one large pot
1 frozen pizza (just in case)

1. put your laundry in and then run to the grocery store.
2. overhear nice couple discuss what else they want to put in their soup.
3. decide you don't have time to make soup and buy a frozen pizza
4. check laundry on the way home. It will be way not done, but check anyway
5. begin soup

6. cut up the onions, garlic, and put them in the big pot with oh, a lot of really nice olive oil. If you want to get a mania gold star, use half butter half olive oil. I didn't. I used all the butter in the Irish Soda Bread that you make whilst Waiting for Guests. (recipe to follow)
7. while the onions and garlic are doing their thing (don't burn them unless you want to because then you end up with remorse soup instead of mania soup) cut up all the herbs and think about sad things because the onions are making you cry. At least you think it's the onions. You might just be tired and anxious because you decided to not make soup, yet here you are making soup.
8. Wipe your eyes with a 'clean' bathroom towel.
9. Zest lemon. Chop up the zest as fast as you can! Wow. I love to do that. Add to the pot. Juice the lemon and add the juice to the pot as well. Pick out the seeds you accidentally put in the soup.
9. turn off burner and go get laundry out of the washer. Put laundry in dryer.

10. Put 6 cups of water in the pot with both turkey legs. Yes, on the bone or else your soup will taste like ass. Does the liquid cover them? No? Crap.
So add 2 cups of water with the dissolved bullion.

11. Bring pot to a boil. Turn down heat and cover pot and let simmer.
12. Run downstairs to get laundry out of the dryer before someone steals your foundation garments. Can you remember if you turned the burner off? No. Crap. Go back and check.

13. pull turkey legs out of pot and put on a plate to cool.
14. put one cup of rice in the pot and bring back to a simmer and cover. Did you remember to rinse the brown rice? No? It's okay, at least you can blame your crappy soup on something now.
15. pour yourself a drink.

16. Try to do something productive while the rice cooks.

17. When the rice is cooked add the de-boned meat off the turkey legs back into the pot.
18. Salt and pepper to taste.

Serve with pickles.
or, put it in the freezer and eat the frozen pizza.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

whoops, theres the painting

well, I finished it. 16"x16" of painting madness. My biggest painting! It's shipping to Fort Gallery in Oakland next week after I varnish the hell out of Yes, If you zoomed out, there would be 4 more coffee cups and other various inedible bits of my life all over my art table. It's how I'm living it.
Oh! I'm going to be in the 3rd ward holiday craft fair on Dec 7th.
It's spinnin' time!