Saturday, April 25, 2009

weekend poem

so quickly

if you would build with wood
a structure where we stood
a shelter with a rail
to hold us should we fail
to take into account
our lives are pouring out

I would bring a cake
for eating while we wait
and water maybe too
for the drinking that we do
then we'd hold onto the rail
until we softly fail
to take into account
this pouring that comes out

so quickly saw you should
put hammer to the wood
I will keep us fed
full of cake and bread
and cups I will bring too
for the pouring that we do

Sunday, April 19, 2009

not the most genius at this thing called blog

first store order!
Originally uploaded by betsy ply
Yeah. I took a time out. Yeah. I'm blogging from my flickr because actually going to my blog and finding the photo I want and uploading it seems like a mountain of mountainious time. We will all live through this. One day we will look back and laugh.
Yarn! I have just finished my first wholesale order for a new yarn store in Denver! I will plug this yarn store as soon as I get all the info which will be in approximately 3 hours.
What am I doing right now? I am in the middle of roommate interview nonsense. It will be over soon and I will sloooowly come out of my shell and actually blog about stuff.
There are some things I feel the need to tell you.
I have been a negligent friend. You know who you are. Betsy sorry.
I'm obsessed with the new Decemberist album but don't actually plan on owning it.
I love yarn. I would eat it if I didn't think it would make me really really sick.
One more secret secret thing to tell you....
I have a new boyfriend and he's going to make me a drum carder.