Tuesday, April 29, 2008

rainy heart yarn

I owe all my Sunday good will and happiness to all the amazing people I met this Sunday at brooklyn flea. And, of course, to the indomitable nicole She sat on a chair over a puddle the entire time. The entire time.
She's got an event coming up this Sunday. Selling her lovely softies......

The flea.
The rain started and ended early. The chill remained.
But the crowd was friendly, engaging, cute and most importantly warm.
Just so you know, my tent is the rockingest. Lots of yarn squishing. Lots. All the alpaca skeins went right away, but the good news is I think I've found a 'supplier' so I should be able to re-up soon. Yes. I just finished watching all five years of the wire in 3 months. That's a whole lot of Baltimore.

Couple things.
I meant to post this pictures from the first flea closer to the....err...first flea. That didn't happen.
Julie from etsy bought some of my yarn and she was knitting up this amazing blue blanket.

more April 27 pics.
The table......
The very sad lady from slow loris waiting for her tent.

Nicole! Did I mention she sat over a puddle. The entire time. She gave me ginger candy. I heart her.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

new drawings....

Well I'm all packed up and ready for tomorrow's flea adventure. Lots and lots of yarn. I'll have my spinning wheel tomorrow. Nicole will be hanging out with me and protecting me from frostbite and other people.
But I made some drawings!
'nuf said.

Monday, April 14, 2008

my first flea!

April 13th was my first go around at the brookyn flea
Dude. It was cold. I was wearing my 'sexy brown coat'.
the below picture was taken at 9am on saturday the 12th.
I was having some issues.

This is a picture of stella marking her pop-up tent. As she immediately claimed it and the surrounding kitchen area as hers. Ankle attacks ensued. We had to have a conversation about sharing.
After forcing my friend anthony to help at the unholy hour of 6am, we wrestled the 58 pound tent, (my wares becoming more secondary by the second as my brain kept cycling the weather report endlessly inside my hyper-yet-un-caffinated-mind) into the car service and began our journey into another and deeper part of brooklyn. As said friend was on a juice fast
and I was running on she-hulk stress, our lifting powers evened out nicely.

Did I mention how freaking cold it was?

picture time.
super cold anthony being er....super cold?
yarn......I like it.

beverly's amazing amazingness!
okay I'm tired. I've got two canopy tents in my living room (don't ask). the birds are sleeping. And I'm so ready to be there as well. I've got lots more to say and post. But right now, I lack the will.
For my last pic for tonight. I'd like to show you what my dinner was tonight.
martini and quince pie......
(made by my finest jen)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's time to put the cards on the table

Well, kicking and screaming (softly) I'm entering the creepy no-space called the, you know.....thingy. That's Ivy, my Green Cheek Conure. She's looking at you.
She's looking right...at...you. 64 grams of pure ferocity staring you right in the eye.

So I'll try to be brief as I get all my thoughts lined up in a little row.

I make yarn. I love yarn. It's pathological that's all you need to know. I'm also a painter. I do some singing. I can embroider like nobodies business. I can swear like a sailor.
But the most exciting thing, the most excellent thing is I'm in the Brooklyn Flea!
See you there?