Thursday, July 24, 2008

please forgive my accidental blog break

sunday's table
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here's a picture of my table at the Renegade Craft Fair In San Francisco.
I came back to brooklyn hell bent on a detox.
Here I am detoxing. Day 6 with no coffee!
I promise more Verbage later.
Special thanks to Ranu, Linda and Bev (got your Cd's today bev!)
I heart you.
betsy sleepy.

Friday, July 4, 2008

going to california

But if you tried to put flowers in my freaking hair they would get lost immediately.

I'm almost ready for the renegade craft fair. I'm leaving tomorrow for some much needed r&r before the big weekend.
Of course I'm bringing a bunch of stuff to work on while I'm relaxing. yep.
I got a stupid huge suitcase and Beverly got the stuff I shipped yesterday.

Beverly posts the best posts. I think she writes better about me than I write about me.

Here's a pic of the eye pillows I've been making. They are microwavable! The buckwheat hull pillows aren't, but these ones are make with buckwheat seeds. They are much heavier. Someone told me they were called 'dream pillows'. I eschew this title rabidly.
And guess what, I'm going to tell you why. When I was turning 8 years old, my mother asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I was very clear with her. I wanted a brown bunny with no clothes on. I said, bunnies don't wear clothes. It would be a lie. There is a kernel of clarity here.
The clarity of an 8 year old who wants a stuffed animal, just a naked one.
I ended up with a pink bunny that had no clothes. I named him Buster. His huge size made up for the fact he was pink.
What I'm saying in my own special way is, I have never been a sentimental person. Giving a pillow the title of 'dream pillow' imbues this pillow with...
a) the concept that dreams are pink fluffy things that are good, kind and G rated. This is a simplistic view of the world I won't support.
b) It can do something it can't i.e. give you something you don't have and think you want. No, it's just an amazing pillow that feels really really really good when you put it on your eyes, or any other part of your body.

This is yarn. I have nothing ranty to say about it at all.
It'll be with me at the renegade craft fair.

This is Stella, she won't be coming to California. She eats flowers.