Saturday, December 4, 2010

3rd Ward Handmade Holiday Craft fair!

Just got back from 3rd ward's Spectacular Handmade Holiday Craft Fair and I'm stuffing my face with carrots and tzatziki as kind of a 'reward' for not stuffing my face with cupcakes and bloody marys. Yes, I'm no fun.

I can't show you pictures of what I bought because...they are presents!
The fair was huge this year. Slam packed by 2pm. Slammed and packed. Did I mention that I did not have a bloody mary even though I really really wanted one?

-Below are just a few of the many vendors that I loved.
I especially loved nolinoli's baby rattles. They are filled with beans. I also think it's great there's a huge hunk of beeswax sitting right there on the table, because that's how the wood is conditioned. Oh, I also really like that he has mushrooms on his T-shirt.   

 Very striking rings by Elizabeth Knight. 

elizabeth knight

The lovely ladies of the 2 fish. I especially loved their gloves.

I wanted to take every single terrarium I saw home. 
I believe I'm going to need a bigger greenhouse. Soon.

terrariums by casa helcho
These two wonderful ladies  representing The Textile Arts Center made me miss my spinning wheel terribly. But I don't blame them. I may, in fact, take a felting class instead. Blaming people gives you wrinkles.
Textile Arts Center
-Now I'd like to mention the coolest stuff I got in my tote (besides actually getting the tote in the first place). Thank you 3rd Ward! You guys are cool.
The vendors really stuffed those things up with some great deals. I really wish I could just make a catalog of the vendor goodness, but I'm running out of carrots.

Best free gift-
Is the free soap!!! (of course)
Thank you lov'n a bar.

Next best thing to best free gift-
Is the Cookie & Tea ticket.
Thank you ouchi gallery

Best honorable mentions (because I love pulling things out of envelopes!)
carrie strine
and the new new.

All right. My purchases are safe. My carrots are kaput. It's time to list some vintage.

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